• Ivana De Innocentis

    Ivana De Innocentis

    Social media marketing teacher & web writer (InTime blog), food writer (La Cucina Italiana), graffiti blogger and writer (Urban Lives)

  • Joanna


    Fan of #Chillibreeze #PowerPointDesign - What inspires me: The words of Jesus, culture, and sustainable business that transforms lives.

  • Abby Fammartino

    Abby Fammartino

  • Paco Alvarez Ron

    Paco Alvarez Ron

    Food R&D at Food Alchemist Lab of Future Food Institute. Nutritionist&Dietitian — Gastronomic Scientist. Improving lifestyles through healthy food innovation.

  • Marco Stigliano

    Marco Stigliano

    Co-Founder @hyperting

  • Federico Ronca

    Federico Ronca

  • Sprig


    Sprig: Dine on Demand. We feature a rotating menu of three seasonal, sustainable, and delicious meals delivered ready to eat. Order on your iPhone or Android.

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