“A massive flood, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of glaciers: what will happen now if we continue on the same path.” So said Pope Francis at the presentation of his new book “Of Vices and Virtues.”

It’s not just about believing in Divine justice, it is about believing in science, which converges in reminding us that we have less than ten years to keep the Earth’s temperature increase below one and a half degrees. …


2021 began with big responsibilities and ambitions: the years of thoughtful intentions have set the pace for urgent actions, long-lasting solutions, and cooperative dialogues.

The global pandemic has accelerated the perpetual food crisis, the ongoing biodiversity challenge, and the polarization generated by unsustainable production and consumption patterns, revealing the dynamics regulating nature and life itself: everything works in close interdependence and interconnection.

Therefore, with extractive economies having exacerbated the state of natural resources, with for-profit leadership having amplified the repercussions generated by climate change, and with increased risks for the global population…

When talking about the Mediterranean, it is difficult to have a clear idea of what to touch upon: it is such a complex and intertwined reality that it is challenging to find a single thread to narrate it. However, we can begin with certainty from the idea that the Mediterranean is often relegated to a limited and limiting narrative. In fact, it is simply associated with images such as archaeological ruins, tourist destinations, or, unfortunately, a very complex migratory phenomenon.

A choral sea

The Mediterranean is much more than all those things. First of all, it is a sea surrounded…


Value transmitted over time // Myth and reality

When thinking about bees, which we officially celebrate on May 20th for World Bee Day, few of us know little more than the fact that they are the producers of this sweet, thick, pale-amber thing called honey. In fact, the value of these precious pollinators, to whom we owe most of the foods that come to our tables, has been understood and recognized by traditional cultures since the beginning of our history.

In ancient Greek mythology and according to the traditional knowledge of some Mediterranean cultures, bees are associated with divinity. According to an ancient Greek myth, Zeus’ mother Rhea…

The Case of the Future Food Living Labs

Cities are often known for being the major centers for production and consumption. Urban areas are the places where prosperity and wealth are most displayed, where commercial activities and financial centers flourish, where infrastructures show their brightest side. But at what cost?

Cities are also places of deep inequalities, paradoxes, inefficiencies; all distortions that the health crisis, exacerbated by the climate, food, and economic crises, has made evident.

The past teaches us that periodically one of the first reactions to pandemics is a drastic abandonment of cities. This is even more evident this time considering that nowadays urban lifestyle is…

No matter which belief we have, which culture we embrace, or which side of the world we live in: we all share one shot, one life, and the common desire for every individual on Earth is to make the most of it.

Between living and surviving there is a huge difference. A difference that is punctuated by external factors, like accessing the essentials (enough food, enough water), quality of life (good quality of food, water, air, nutrition, health care), the health of the surrounding environment (both natural environment and community), and economic prosperity. …

The link between psyche and food is increasingly evident. Dr. Leonardo Mendolicchio, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and founder of Food For Mind, makes us understand that eating habits are a mirror of deep emotional movements that every human being has. We know that when we are emotional we eat more or less, or depending on particular emotions, we change our way of eating, cooking, and even our food choices.

This premise is even more valid in this time of Covid, in which the superficial and deep emotional movements of our existence have been disrupted by the emergence of the virus. …

This week, I was invited to speak at the annual convention of young entrepreneurs in my region, and the theme of the event was the “butterfly effect.”

An interesting title that really got me thinking.

First of all, it made me reflect on the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, a transformation that is as necessary as it is painful, but capable of generating a true miracle. A metaphor that could well represent the historical moment that humanity is living.

According to the butterfly effect, theorized by mathematician Edward Lorenz, the simple wing flap of this small insect today…

On March 22, World Water Day will be celebrated, for the second time, during a pandemic emergency. From a systemic perspective, which is the only one possible when dealing with certain issues, it is unthinkable to prioritize the emergencies that humanity is experiencing, because they are all hyperconnected. All of them reflect the collapse of hyper-consumerist models based on the overexploitation of scarce natural resources.

Blue gold is at risk. We are talking about one of the natural resources essential for life on the Planet. We are composed of water. We need water. …

From the center of Bolzano, there is a beautiful cable car that takes you up to the Renon plateau. It was a clear day in June and with a group of friends, we were preparing for our excursion to the “horn” of Renon. Passing over some meadows, a child, present with us in the cabin following his parents, exclaimed “Mom look, a sheep!” Indicating, however…a cow.

His mother promptly corrected him “but no love, can’t you see it’s a cow?”. The little boy, about 8/10 years old, scrutinizes the animal with an inquiring look.

“Mom, isn’t that a sheep? I’ve…

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